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The Lake

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  • J.R. Solonche (Tuesday, June 01 21 02:06 pm BST)

    Terrific poem by Sarah White.

  • J.R. Solonche (Tuesday, June 01 21 02:03 pm BST)

    Great sestina by Daisy Bassen.

  • J.R. Solonche (Monday, February 01 21 02:00 pm GMT)

    Sarah White's "Bullet Couplets" --- brilliant.

  • Ted Jean (Tuesday, June 11 19 02:51 am BST)

    Roger's sweater poem decent honest stuff

  • J.R. Solonche (Monday, May 13 19 08:22 pm BST)

    Philip's poems are sterling.

  • J.R. Solonche (Thursday, January 31 19 07:38 pm GMT)

    George Freek also has two humdingers.

  • J.R. Solonche (Thursday, January 31 19 07:35 pm GMT)

    Two humdingers by Hilary Sideris.

    Go get her books.

  • Carl Nelson (Thursday, January 31 19 03:07 pm GMT)

    A fine crowd of poets this month. I bought one book.

  • J.R. Solonche (Thursday, June 07 18 10:12 pm BST)

    Cool work by Iuppa.

  • J.R. Solonche (Friday, May 25 18 10:39 pm BST)

    OKSANA MAKSYMCHUK's poems.... compelling.

  • Maren O. Mitchell (Tuesday, May 15 18 12:42 am BST)

    Thank you, John, for including my two poems among such a wide variety of other poems. I am grateful!

  • J.R. Solonche (Monday, April 23 18 12:47 am BST)

    Alicia Hoffman's poems are incandescent.

  • J.R. Solonche (Monday, March 26 18 09:10 pm BST)

    more cool poems from sarah white!

  • Ted (Tuesday, February 13 18 03:44 am GMT)

    John, discerning selection of Dale's jazzy elegy. The title is, itself, a poem. Then, there is "his horns ... cool in their cases." Music from front to back.

  • J.R. Solonche (Monday, January 22 18 01:14 am GMT)

    Sara White's poems. Compelling.
    As always.

  • Carl Nelson (Saturday, January 06 18 10:48 pm GMT)

    Especially enjoyed Sarah White & Nicole Mason. Such good poets in this Zine.

  • Carl Nelson (Thursday, August 31 17 09:24 pm BST)

    Especially loved J R Solonche's poem: "Afterglow". Cracked me up, plus verisimilitude.

  • Tyler Fisher (Friday, June 30 17 08:01 pm BST)

    Another exquisite ekphrasis from Maren O. Mitchell -- keep it up!

  • Sylvia Freeman (Friday, March 03 17 02:30 pm GMT)

    Honored to have a poem in the March issue of this lovely journal. Thank you.

  • Beth McDonough (Sunday, January 01 17 03:04 pm GMT)

    Cracking beginning to 2017. Thank you.

  • Patricia Markert (Monday, September 05 16 02:12 pm BST)

    Love Tim
    Suermondt's poems in this issue, full of humor, clarity, wisdom.

  • J.R. Solonche (Wednesday, April 06 16 11:59 pm BST)

    See Friday Oct. 2, 2015


  • Maren O. Mitchell (Friday, January 01 16 06:53 pm GMT)

    I'm pierced by the delicately balanced trip between past and present irresponsibility and responsibility of "From Car to Schwinn and Back Again" by Pia Taavila-Borsheim.

  • Tony Press (Wednesday, December 09 15 10:15 pm GMT)

    December has brought us yet another fine issue. You continue to select and share excellent poems with all of us. I'm honored to be part of this one.

  • L.A. Kurth (Thursday, October 29 15 02:03 am GMT)

    A lovely journal--thank you! Enjoyed the poem about bones in the museum: vivid! Also really appreciate that you consider previously published poetry and that you offer a list of contests and writing
    opportunities. May all those efforts bring you good karma!

  • J.R. Solonche (Friday, October 02 15 05:13 pm BST)

    Sarah White's poems knocked my socks off First the left sock, then the right sock.

  • Ted Jean (Friday, September 11 15 12:25 am BST)

    Usha's poem is the female tsunami; Marion's pair elemental Britain. I referred two friends to The Lake; both commended Rob.

  • Joan Howard (Saturday, September 05 15 12:24 pm BST)

    Maren Mitchell's poems are deft, surprising, intellectual, yet universal in their reach. Superb.

  • Nancy Simpson (Thursday, September 03 15 05:59 pm BST)

    Maren,Your intelligence is a bright light. Your alphabet poems are stunning. Thanks.

  • Glenda Barrett (Wednesday, September 02 15 07:36 pm BST)

    Dear Maren,
    How clever to write poems about an alphabet letter. Interesting! All the best, Glenda Barrett

  • Maren O. Mitchell (Wednesday, September 02 15 06:41 pm BST)

    I'm impressed by the high quality of poems in this issue - all those by Bone, Jean's spot on "Exercise no. 38," the smooth flow of "Conveying the Blessing," Larkin's magnetic "Inhale," and the
    startling and touching "Lindow Man." Personally, I am most intrigued by Changming's vision of "Y," as opposed to my own vision.

  • Tyler Fisher (Tuesday, September 01 15 11:30 pm BST)

    Regarding Maren O. Mitchell's alphabetic poems:
    Excellent pieces!
    "Y, The Philosophical Letter"
    Y is it found in Greek but not in Latin?
    Y, the infant's wail becomes the toddlers query and the elder's muse.
    M, the earliest consonant we can muster--the hum of satisfaction and desire.

  • rob walker (Friday, July 03 15 02:10 pm BST)

    I came on Julie Maclean's recommendation - and glad I did. There's a gentleness and respectfulness (is that a word?) which runs through the poems and the website that I like.

  • Seth Crook (Monday, February 09 15 01:43 am GMT)

    I liked "Attic Squirrels" in the February edition especially. There are frequently sounds of movement in my roof.

  • Ronald Moran (Tuesday, February 03 15 02:45 pm GMT)

    I really like the framing and format of poems in The Lake.

  • Carolyn O'Connell (Saturday, January 31 15 02:31 pm GMT)

    Lovely review of Slate Rising I have this and would recommend it.

    Will send you some poems

  • Randy D. Rubin (Thursday, January 01 15 03:01 pm GMT)

    Look for me to be a contributor to The Lake in 2015. I am a warrior of words... and soon I come to do battle.

  • Jaydeep Sarangi (Sunday, October 26 14 06:29 am GMT)

    our qualities are put to work
    with all elements fair.

    Reading THE LAKE is a cleansing act!

  • P C K Prem (Sunday, October 26 14 01:43 am GMT)

    I like the efforts. Review, poems and other literary material is fine and well chosen.

    It is enjoyable. Congrats.

  • Michael (Friday, February 28 14 03:34 pm GMT)

    I came upon The Lake by following my wandering and have enjoyed the work for the last months. March has lovely poetry in it. Thank you.

  • Jayne Stanton (Friday, January 31 14 07:14 pm GMT)

    Found The Lake via a link on Alison Brackenbury's facebook group. I'm enjoying February's poems and browsing the archive.

  • julie maclean (Tuesday, August 06 13 02:25 am BST)

    Loved the variety of poetry; fresh and pulsing. I found Atkin's review considered, thoughtful and intelligent-poetic too.

    Congratulations. Loved it.

  • Caroline Gill (Wednesday, July 17 13 09:40 pm BST)

    An exciting new enterprise! I will watch this space ...

  • Edward Mycue (Monday, July 15 13 06:20 pm BST)

    I like the Jean Rhys quote. Good luck and enjoy the ride.
    Edward Mycue
    San Francisco, CA

  • Anna Maria (Friday, July 12 13 02:09 pm BST)

    Best wishes ..would love to submit..but an wary about it !

  • Sheila Gollihue (Thursday, July 11 13 05:41 pm BST)

    Best of luck with you endeavor. Looking forward to seeing more from it.


There will be no issue in October. Submissions are now open for the November issue.

It’s not easy getting a book or pamphlet accepted for review these days. So I am starting a new review feature, in addition to the regular review section, which will allow more poets' books to reach a wider audience. It will be called One Poem Reviews and it will be just that. One poem featured from a new book/pamphlet along with a cover JPG and a link to the publisher's website. Contact the editor if you have released a book/pamplet this year or will be releasing one this year.

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