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Charles Rammelkamp reviews Laura Kolbe’s Little Pharma


One Poem Reviews

Mary Beth Hines, Winter at a Summer House.





Charles Rammelkamp reviews Michael Salcman’s Shades and Graces.

Hannah Stone reviews Judith Wilson’s Fleet


One Poem Reviews

One Poem Reviews: Clive Donovan, Kenneth Pobo.

Estil Pollock, Mark Totterdell.



Paul McDonald reviews Eric Falci’s The Value of Poetry

Hannah Stone reviews Ruth Aylett’s Pretty in Pink

Charles Rammelkamp reviews Ross Gay’s Be Holding


One Poem Reviews

Kathleen Bainbridge, Julie McClean, Sanjeev Sethi.



Hannah Stone reviews Fleur Adcock’s The Mermaid’s Purse

David Mark Williams reviews J. R. Solonche’s Selected Poems 2001-2021


One Poem Reviews

Alan Elyshevitz, Mike Farren, John L. Stanizzi



Paul McDonald reviews The Dolphin Letters, 1970-1979: Elizabeth Hardwick, Robert Lowell, and Their Circle. ed. Saskia Hamilton

Charles Rammelkamp reviews Albert Goldbarth’s The Now

Hannah Stone reviews Sue Butler’s Learning from the Body


One Poem Reviews

John Bartlett, Neil Fulwood, Julie Mclean, Sally Naker,

Sonya Smith, Simon Williams.



Charles Rammelkamp reviews Lee Sharkey’s, I Will Not Name It Except to Say

Ric Cheyney reviews Rachel long’s, My Darling from the Lions

Benjamin Francis Cassidy reviews Anna Saunders’ Feverfew


One Poem Reviews

Debbie Collins, Annette Volfing, Rodney Wood, Bernadette MacAloon,

Andrea L. Fry.



David Mark Williams reviews Seán Ó Ríordáin’s, Apathy is Out

Hannah Stone reviews Patrick Wright’s, Full Sight of Her

Charles Rammelkamp reviews Laura Cronk’s, Ghost Hour


One Poem Reviews

Claire Booker, Tom Rudd, J. C. M. Hepple,

John Gerard Fagan, Phil Vernon.



Jessica Barksdale reviews Alicia Hoffman’s Animal

Rosemary Badcoe reviews David Callin’s Always

David Mark Williams reviews Charles Rammelkamp’s Catastroika



David Mark Williams reviews David J. Costello’s Heft

Robert Cooperman reviews Charles Rammelkamp’s Ugler Lee

Hannah Stone reviews Anne Caldwell’s Alice and the North



Hannah Stone reviews Oz Hardwick’s Wolf Planet

Charles Rammellkamp reviews Peter Ramos’s Lord Baltimore

Hannah Stone reviews Angela Readman’s Cooking with Marilyn



Jack Little reviews Colin Carberry’s Ghost Homeland

Pippa Little reviews Paul Summers’ the dreamer’s ark,

Hannah Stone reviews Jennifer A McGowan’s Still Lives with Apocalypse





Benjamin Francis Cassidy reviews Russell Jones’ Cocoon.

Hannah Stone reviews Nick Allen’s the riding.

Charles Rammelkamp reviews Donald Platt’s One Illuminated Letter of Being.



Hannah Stone reviews Natalie Scott’s Rare Birds: Voices of Holloway Prison.

Pippa Little reviews Ric Cheyney’s In Praise of Nahum Tate.

David Mark Wiliams reviews Terry Tierney’s The Poet’s Garage.



Hannah Stone reviews Amanda Huggins’ The Collective Nouns for Birds

Benjamin Francis Cassidy reviews Elisabeth Horan’s Bad Mommy Stay Mommy

Charles Rammelkamp reviews Natalie Diaz’s PostColonial Love Poem



Hannah Stone reviews Oz Hardwick’s The Lithium Codex

Charles Rammellkamp reviews Jeffrey McDaniel’s

Holiday in the Islands of Grief

Rosemary Badcoe reviews J.R. Solonche’s, The Time of Your Life



Hannah Stone reviews Claire Walker’s Collision

David Mark Williams reviews Oisín Breen’s Flowers All Sorts in Blossom, Figs, Berries and Fruits Forgotten



Hannah Stone on Matthew Caley’s Trawlerman’s Turquoise

David Mark Williams on The Valley Press Anthology of Prose Poetry



Hannah Stone on Emma Lee’s The Significance of a Dress

and Rachel Burns, a girl in a blue dress



Hannah Stone on Selima Hill’s I May Be Stupid But I’m Not That Stupid

M. J. Iuppa on J. R. Solonche’s Truɘ Enough.

Fiona Sinclair on Charlotte Ansell’s Deluge



Karla Huston on Abby Frucht’s Maids.

Charles Rammelkamp on Marianne Boruch’s The Anti-Grief.



Usha Kishore on Jason Eng Hun Lee’s Beds in the East

David Mark Williams on Patrick Lodge’s Remarkable Occurrences



Patricia Carragon on Karen Neuberg’s the elephants are asking

Gopal Lahiri on Sunil Sharma, Intersections- Visual, Verbal

Fiona Sinclair on Nancy Charley’s The Gospel of Trickster





Albert Gelpi’s American Poetry After Modernism

Helen Ivory’s The Anatomical Venus

Jackie Craven’s Secret Formulas: Techniques of the Masters

David Mark Williams’ Papaya Fantasia

Aaron Smith’s The Book of Daniel




David Mark Williams on Hannah Stone’s Sŵn y Morloi.

Charles Rammelkamp on Reuben Jackson’s Scattered Clouds: New and Selected Poems.



Pippa Little on Sarah L. Dixon’s Adding Wax Patterns to Wednesday

Fiona Sinclair on Rosie Johnston’s Six-Count Jive



David Mark Wiliams on Fiona Sinclair’s The Time Traveller’s Picnic.

Charles Rammelkamp on Robert Cooperman’s That Summer.



Hannah Stone on Niall Campbell’s Noctuary

Jayne Marek on Claudia Serea & Maria Haro’s TwoIxism



Charles Rammelkamp on Clarinda Harriss/Peter Bruun’s

Innumerable Moons.

Colin Pink on Kavita A Jindal’s Patina.



Hannah Stone on Harry Clifton’s Herod’s Dispensations.

Grant Tarbard on Helen Ivory’s Maps of the Abandoned City.



 David Mark Williams on J.R. Solonche’s, Tomorrow, Today, and Yesterday

Hannah Stone on Vindication: Six Women Poets, ed. Cherry Potts

Grant Tarbard on Marie Lightman’s, Shutters



Hannah Stone on Marianne Burton’s Kierkegaard’s Cupboard.

Charles Rammelkamp on Chelsea Rathburn’s Still Life with Mother and Knife.

Gopal Lahiri on Kiriti Sengupta’s Solitary Stillness.



David Mark Williams on Cathy Bryant’s Erratics

Pippa Little on Jane Lovell’s Metastatic



Hannah Stone on Angi Holden’s Spools of Thread

Fiona Sinclair on Ayelet McKenzie’s Messages Written on Envelope Backs





Robyn Bolam on Wendy Cope’s Anecdotal Evidence

David Fulton on The Poems of T.S. Elliot: Vol. 1



Jayne Marek on S. A. Leavesley’s How to Grow Matches

Charles Rammelkamp on Bradley Paul’s Plasma.



David Fulton on Lola Ridge’s, To the Many: Collected Early Works



Jayne Marek on Ruth Stacey and Katy Wareham-Morris’s Inheritance

M. J. Iuppa on J. R. Solonche’s In Short Order



Charles Rammelkamp on Donna Masini’s 4:30 Movie

Kavita A. Jindal on Usha Kishore’s Immigrant



Jayne Marek on Grant Tarbard’s Rosary of Ghosts.

Rodney Wood’s Dante Called You Beatrice.



Charles Rammelkamp on Francine Witte’s Café Crazy



M.J. Iuppa on Alicia Hoffman’s Railroad Phoenix



Jayne Marek on Sarah L. Dixon’s The Sky is Cracked and Joy Howard’s Foraging



Jack Little on Robyn Bolem’s Hyem

Fiona Sinclair on Nicky Phillips, Jam in Aisle 3



Charles Rammelkamp on Sarah Rose Nordgren’s Darwin’s Mother

Usha Kishore on Shanta Acharya’s Imagine: New and Selected Poems




 It’s not easy getting a book or pamphlet accepted for review these days. So I am starting a new review feature, in addition to the regular review section, which will allow more poets' books to reach a wider audience. It will be called One Poem Reviews and it will be just that. One poem featured from a new book/pamphlet along with a cover JPG and a link to the publisher's website. Contact the editor if you have released a book/pamplet last year or will be releasing one this year. 

Reviewed in this issue