The Lake
The Lake

The Lake




“All of writing is a huge lake. There are great rivers that feed the lake, like Tolstoy or Dostoyevsky. And then there are mere trickles, like Jean Rhys. All that matters is feeding the lake. I don't matter. The lake matters. You must keep feeding the lake.”      Jean Rhys


Inspired by Jean Rhys’ imperative, The Lake is dedicated to publishing all forms of poetry by new and established poets, highlighting the best of contemporary poetry and reviewing the best of the new books.  





Jan Ball, Debbie Collins, James Gering, Adam Gunther, Carol Levin, Todd Mercer,

Ronald Moran, Deepa Onkar, Winston Plowes, Fiona Sinclair, J. R. Solonche,

Grant Tarbard, Dale Wisely.



Jack Little on Robyn Bolem’s Hyem

Fiona Sinclair on Nicky Phillips, Jam in Aisle 3

Reviewed in future issues:


Reviewed in the January issue Robyn Bolam's Hyem and Nicky Phillips' Jam in Aisle 3.